Google Pixel 3 64GB Unlocked GSM & CDMA 4G LTE – Just Black (Renewed)

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The best Google Pixel 3 64GB Unlocked GSM & CDMA 4G LTE – Just Black (Renewed) Available in 2021

Google Pixel 3 In 2021! (Still Worth it?) (Review)

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The best Google Pixel 3


Google Pixelbook Go - Lightweight Chromebook Laptop - Up to 12 Hours Battery Life[1] - Touch Screen Chromebook - Just Black

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14 reviews for Google Pixel 3 64GB Unlocked GSM & CDMA 4G LTE – Just Black (Renewed)

  1. Sukhdeep Gill

    To many scratches. I can take one or two but in the top right corner it was multiple scratches in one area. Too many for me. Returning

  2. Aareza

    The product arrived in the original box and came with accessories that facilitated the data transfer from my previous smart phone. It also came with a USB-C cord along with a wall charger. There were no visible marks on the body of the Google Pixel 3 and powered on after briefly charging it. Overall great deal from this company.

  3. B. Young

    Coming from a Pixelbook, even after just 1 day of using the Pixelbook Go, I am finding that I prefer so many things about it, particularly the excellent keyboard, speakers, and battery life. The trackpad is also very good. The screen seems very good to me with plenty of brightness and good resolution for internet browsing, documents, photos, spreadsheets, and the like. I like that the Go is a bit smaller and lighter than the Pixelbook. It feels very solid to me, more so than the Pixelbook. It’s a keeper for me. I have the cheapest version with the M3 processor and it seems perfectly fine for general use. I haven’t run into any slowdowns yet, but I also don’t do any gaming or video editing, just general internet use.

  4. Knightman

    Let’s be honest, a laptop is a laptop, at the end of the day not much to them except screen, looks and how it all is put together. I have a windows pc for gaming, but when I want an easy to use all arounder I love using chromebooks. I have a pixel slate but wanted a regular laptop for school work to take with me anywhere I am going to go. Rather than go over another typical laptop review I mean there is really nothing I can add except tell you why I choose it over the competition.What I want in a laptop: looks, good battery life, good keyboard, nice display, thin/light, reliable, good price and decent performance.The go versus:Asus 425/433/434: these are probably the biggest competition in price, looks and performance, The issue with the 434 is the lack of reliability with numerous reports for users. At 3.2 lbs it is kinda heavy, and the 433 has a cheap keyboard deckHp/Dell 14 inch: I put these both together because they are similar and they both are very heavy approaching closer to 4 lbs. To give you an idea my 15.6 gaming laptop weighs 4.8 lbs. The dell is not very attractive to me and more bland. The HP is attractive but still heavy, not a bad choice, but not the best option IMO.Acer Spin 13: very premium, but more of an industrial design, also heavy, great performance though. UHD display.Pixelbook: probably the best alternative, and checks a lot of boxes but I find the large bezels very dated. Still expensive if you want to buy it new.Samsung plus V2: another good alternative with a metal lid. Under 3 lbs and not bad looking. The bottom portion is plastic and it does feel like it. Plain 1080p panel.The pixelbook go has a good 1080p panel which you don’t find often in chromebooks unfortunately. Outside of the pixelbook the go is the only other one under 2.5 lbs. It is also thin. Slim side bezels. Great speakers and keyboard. The go checks all my boxes for a laptop perfect for this my masters program.When I first heard the go announced I was upset in the pricing, but then I compared it to the competition. At regular price almost all the competition sells at $599. The base pixelbook go that I bought is $649. The go is $50 dollars more but compared to the rivals it has a leg up on build quality and looks with many of them. Now most of the other laptops I mention they have been on sale for significantly lower than msrp so you might want to consider that. There also is no fold-able display like many of the others, which for me has less meaning for the way I use the device.What google did was refine the basic laptop and wrapped it in a pretty bow, which is the same thing that surface laptop, macbook air have done.

  5. Justin

    Brilliant laptop! The build quality is top notch and everything from the keyboard and track pad to the full HD screen is a very pleasant and premium experience. I got the base model and I think for most people that’s all you need unless you need more storage. Chrome OS is lightweight already, so the laptop has absolutely zero performance issues with it’s configuration. The battery is stellar, I’m getting nearly 12 hours before having to charge, and it has fast-charging capabilities when you do have to. The only limitations are Chrome OS, which isn’t a problem for me since I’m only using things like google docs and sheets for school. If you need programs for heavy photo or video editing or if you’re planning to play anything more intense than an android game than this laptop isn’t for you. But if you need a beautiful, fast and simple OS that allows you to answer emails, write a few documents and watch some Netflix with ease than look no further than this machine.

  6. Kevin

    Phone arrived in almost-new condition, only some very minor scuffs on the back of the phone and pristine front glass. As properly disclosed in the product description, only a 2W charger (not the original 18W PD model) was included. Amazon sells a wide variety of PD chargers at affordable prices. Some have reported their phones were “locked” to a certain carrier but I popped a SIM card from Mint Mobile into mine and I was immediately on the cell network with no issues. Comes with Android 9.0 and immediately updated to Android 10.

  7. Benvenuti Sfondrati-Piccolomini

    This is a Verizon phone not a Google store one; that means it comes with a Verizon sim preinstalled and the “esim” (used by Fi and maybe others) is disabled.If you don’t remove the Verizon sim (unless you intend to use it on Verizon) before trying to set up the phone you’ll have to factory reset it after you realize this.

  8. GoldenZebra

    The phone that was sent to me was not unlocked and was slightly broken screen. Google tried to replace my phone since it was an hardware issue, but then could nto return it. THis is basically a says “Sold by GOogle” but it not and is just a scam.

  9. Kylie S

    I purchased this phone because it was prime eligible and an exact replacement of my current Pixel 3, which I love. HOWEVER, the seller shipped with USPS and it took almost 10 full days to receive. I went to activate it with my carrier, Sprint, and they said that the IMEI makes it INELIGIBLE for activation!! This phone is either stolen or locked to another network!! I have waited all this time for a phone I can’t even use! This seller (eMonkey) should not be able to get away with this fraudulent activity and needs to make it right!Update: I have now received confirmation from Google Support that this phone is LOCKED TO VERIZON.

  10. John P.

    Was worried about all the reviews mentioning Verizon phones not really unlocked elsewhere. This was TMobile overstock, new in box. Great deal to replace my son’s phone. May get one for myself, cheaper than fixing the broken screen.

  11. Scott

    Good value with this purchase, coming with the wireless charger was nice. Phone runs great with my NET10 sim card. Fast phone, decent camera still. I love the smaller size of this phone. The larger phones are such a pain for me. To big to for the pocket or to take running. Happy Camper.

  12. CoritoMeltoño

    The description does not say this is a used phone . . . yet I was sent a used phone with someone else’s old SIM card in it.

  13. Anonymous

    No 5G capabilities and the screen is a bit narrower than expected but it works well and is rootable. Nice bundle.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Phone arrived days before it was scheduled to, which was fabulous. Phone itself is super easy to use, Great size, not to big not to small. Would recommend both the phone and the seller in the future!

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