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For Letv le Max 2 X820 X821 X822 X823 X829 LCD Display and Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement Accessories


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For Letv Le max 2 X820 X821 X822 X823 X829 LCD Display and Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement Accessories

2017121601582520171216025404From December 16th to December 30th, we will give you a gift.

Special note: every gift is carefully inspected and packaged by ourselves. We ensure that it is a good product, and refuse to open disputes and negative evaluations with the quality of gifts. Please understand and tolerate



1,Buying a buyer above $25,we will give a pair of headphones as a gift.(color) random delivery
2,The purchase amount below $25 buyers,we will be presented as a gift 1pc mobile phone lanyard.Random delivery.
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Dear buyers,
If you plan to purchase in our store, please read the following regulations. If you can’t accept or don’t have the technology, please don’t buy it. Thank you
1, we refuse:
Problems encountered, and no customer service staff to communicate with the case, open the dispute buyers
2, we stress:
Encounter problems, in the absence of communication with customer service personnel, open disputes buyers
We will be on the ID of such buyers, announced in the seller’s Alliance blacklist system.
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Important Note:This shows that the requirements of our clients. 

1, change the screen: must have professional technology
2, If you have any questions,please do not open the dispute.Please contact the customer service personnel first.