Leptech Galaxy A32 5G Case with Soft TPU Screen Protector, [Holster Series] Full Body Heavy Duty Armor Protective Phone Cover with Kickstand Belt Clip Case for Samsung Galaxy A32 5G 6.5″ (Black)

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Best choice Leptech Galaxy A32 5G Case with Soft TPU Screen Protector, [Holster Series] Full Body Heavy Duty Armor Protective Phone Cover with Kickstand Belt Clip Case for Samsung Galaxy A32 5G 6.5″ (Black) In our Store

Samsung Galaxy A32 Unboxing & First Impressions!

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Samsung Electronics Galaxy A32 5G, Factory Unlocked Smartphone, Android Cell Phone, Long-Lasting Battery, Expandable Storage, US Version, 64GB, Black

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15 reviews for Leptech Galaxy A32 5G Case with Soft TPU Screen Protector, [Holster Series] Full Body Heavy Duty Armor Protective Phone Cover with Kickstand Belt Clip Case for Samsung Galaxy A32 5G 6.5″ (Black)

  1. Ambrosio

    Excellent phone. Fingerprint sensor works with screen protector if you press down firmly. Might help to add the same finger twice so its less likely to fail scanning it. Colors are great, battery is beefy, the back has a nice metallic look and the camera is pretty good. I think it was worth the money

  2. Beto

    Just this phone & works great with my “Metro by T-mobile” service! Had no problem upgrading to this phone on their network

  3. D. Farish

    For under $300, this phone is excellent value for your money. Unlike the Google pixel 4a, the Samsung a32 4g comes with Android 11 out of the box, includes 128 gb, and Samsung includes 3 years of software and security upgrades.Great screen image, built with quality hardware, and has a ton of great features to customize your phone to your liking. You won’t find a better phone at this price.

  4. Alyssa D Hallam

    Super misleading headline. I feel like I’ve been tricked. The title of this post clearly says Galaxy A32 4G. It is NOT a 4G phone. After spending 250+ with tax, a phone case, and other necessities, I feel like I’ve been scammed. I will not open the box, but I did break the seal. I only hope the seller accepts the return.

  5. Christopher Kennedy

    Purchased this for my significant other to take advantage of our new carrier’s 5G network and upgrade her from a Galaxy A11. My wife is a happy camper! The A32 5G is great for business and pleasure. She takes work calls on the Galaxy A32 5G all day and watches videos at night. Sprinkle in some moderate game play and social media and that’s a day in the life of her A32 5G. Great battery life! Exceptional camera. Acceptable design. A great midrange mobile for the cost conscious consumer. Recommended!

  6. The Bells

    Great budget 5g phone. It’s not the best but it gets the job done for cheap. Works on Verizon towers. When I checked the IMEI # It was unlocked to all carriers. Very versatile phone. Very comparable to the Galaxy A52 5g phone my husband has. I just wish it had 128gb storage and wireless charging. Fingerprint reader is a little awkward but I’m used to the galaxy s9+. It’s a little bulkier than my S9+ but not much. Phone was listed as acceptable but it looked new to me. Fantastic purchase.

  7. Isidro mtz

    Me agrado q llego en un muy buen tiempo antes de lo esperado muy buen celular justo lo q pedí gracias

  8. mnemons

    Although this phone is an unlocked US variant phone, it is not compatible with VOLTE network with Cricket Wireless. When the Cricket SIM card, was inserted you immediately received message from Cricket telling you the phone is not compatible. Your account is suspended i.e. you can no longer use the SIM card on any phones including your old one. You need to contact customer service to reactive your account but the reactivation is temporary. Your account will be suspended anytime as long as you are using the incompatible phone before Cricket shutdown its 3G and switch to VOLTE network in Feb. 2022. Cricket does sell its own compatible Samsung A32 5G. It’s called Samsung A32 5G SE edition. The phone sold on Amazon has the same model number, but is not SE edition. Hence this specific phone is not compatible and leads to your account suspended. I learned my lesson, my Cricket account was suspended, and customer support reactivated 4 times in less than 18 hours before I return the phone.

  9. kelvin

    Received on time. speak design, fast value for money

  10. Hannah

    I purchased this for my dad. He’s not too particular, he just wanted something that offers drop protection and that he can attach to his belt. Fit the bill, and he said it’s ‘stylish.’ (For frame of reference my dad is 65+ and ‘cool’ in his own way….sorry dad.)

  11. Tanya Malacaro

    I switch to 4g phone, n constantly disconnecting from wifi. Battery life is short, n lags alot more then 3g phone I use to have. Not worth the buy, like I thought it was going to be a upgrade, not a down grade.

  12. Amazon Customer

    The phone stopped working after 2 weeks of using it. The touch went and the phone smells as if it’s burnt out on the inside and won’t even turn on anymore. The seller is horrible and have not attempted to resolved the issue, they redirected me to and Amazon is giving me the running around about my refund. It has been a week and no progress on a return or refund. My mom currently is phone less. I would not recommend purchasing from this seller or the buying the Samsung galaxy s32

  13. MiracleBeliever

    My A32 5G smartphone fits well in this Leptech case (ASIN B092VY4G1K), but this Leptech case provides little overall protection to the screen and cameras from breakage (e.g., if the phone were to fall flat on a rock, the rock would probably easily break the screen and cameras).Protection of the screen & cameras from breakage necessitates some sort of phone case which enwraps/encases the entire phone [e.g., ASIN B09722TR9K (FZXSOGY), which easily accommodates the phone when enclosed in this Leptech case].Other considerations:1. The holster provides some protection for the screen, but only when the phone’s screen faces the holster.2. If the comparatively-thin TPU Bumper were THICKER all-around and 2mm HIGHER above the front screen than it is in the current B092VY4G1K, such a THICKER and HIGHER TPU Bumper would provide somewhat greater wraparound, phone-DROP protection than the current B092VY4G1K.3. Product Description asserts that the belt clip is removable. However, the seller confirmed that one cannot remove the belt clip from its holster.

  14. Franciscan Socrates

    As best I can tell, this is a great product for a great price. I only wish I had known that I was supposed to disassemble the case before putting it on the phone. Putting it onto the phone without disassembling it was very difficult, but I managed to get it on without breaking anything. The holster and clip appear sturdy and have held up well for these past few weeks. The openings at the bottom of the case are large enough to accompany headphone/speaker jacks and the USB-C adapter for my magnetic Kuulaa cable.Overall, I recommend this product.My one gripe is that it does not have a kickstand like my old Evocel cases for my old phones, but, arguably, this case is better for actually protecting my new phone, than the old Evocel cases. The workaround is putting the phone in the holster with the screen facing out and using the holster as a stand.

  15. Eve Davis

    I almost returned this phone and I regret that I didn’t. If it weren’t such a pain to return something through Amazon (for me, in Boonieland, an hours drive away from civilization) , I would have done it. The last return took me hours on the phone and I still ended up paying return shipping.Now, on to the phone. It’s never worked as well as my previous phones (and this was suppose to be an upgrade…lol). It’s slow, it takes forever to pull up anything from my apps, many of my phone calls are directed directly to voice-mail. Many of my texts I don’t get until a day or so later. I’ve changed the settings to include the correct network, Ive factory reset my phone and to no avail. I even drive the hour to T-Mobile to help me and nope! It’s just a crappy, slow phone. The settings won’t work properly either. I turn my phone off and on at least daily because its acting up.So basically, this phone sucks. I would have been better off staying with my 3 year old phone.

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