Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, 128GB, Cloud Mint – Unlocked (Renewed)

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Last updated on 25.03.2022 15:02
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The best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, 128GB, Cloud Mint – Unlocked (Renewed) For You

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The best Samsung Galaxy S20


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (128GB, 6GB) 6.5" 120Hz AMOLED, Snapdragon 865, IP68 Water Resistant, Dual SIM GSM Unlocked (Global 4G LTE) International Model SM-G780G/DS (Wireless Charger Bundle, Navy)

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as of 25.03.2022 15:02
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Additional information

Amazon Renewed condition

May have few minor scuffs or scratches;

15 reviews for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, 128GB, Cloud Mint – Unlocked (Renewed)

  1. Tyrone

    Performance = 9 / 10 – fast Snapdragon cpu but only only 6gb ramDisplay = 8.7 / 10 – 120ghz is great but screen is washed compared to s10/s20Batttery = 8.8 / 10 – all day batteryDesign = 8.7 / 10 – flat screen but bezels could be smallerCamera = 9 /10 – great main cameras – selfie camera is MEH and pics can be blurry on moving objectsFeatures = 9/10 – three years of software updates..5g…a lot of color options .. ip68 .. wireless charging .. dex

  2. Jake

    When I purchased this it was listed as 8gb of ram but the model I received is 6gb. That makes me feel lured into something I wasn’t expecting.The phone is a solid overall phone with premium performance for the price due to sacrificing the build quality by making the back plastic and the screen gorilla glass 3 instead of 6.Doesn’t matter to me as I wanted an unused device (battery) with a top notch processor for the smallest price point.I’m still slightly upset about not getting 8gb as was listed when I purchased which is why I didn’t rate 5/5.

  3. Jacob E

    Coming from a pixel 2 I expected more.Front camera is slow and very blurry in low-lightvibration intensity is pathetic, I keep missing’s obnoxiously largefingerprint scanner is inconsistent at best, even without any screen protection (if anyone had one in stock)Samsung’s version of android is garbage, I actually downgraded from Android 11 to 10battery life is better than my ancient phone.wifi6 is fast, about 300Mbps testedWifi6 Stats:Channel 40 (11ax)Signal 94% (-53 dBm)Rx Rate 960 MbpsTx Rate 648 MbpsPower Save Enabled5G is decent (LTE+ indicated at 100Mbps down, 4Mbps up, AT&T in Raleigh, NC)If you you like Samsung’s spin on android and large screens this is a great phone for you.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I ordered 2 Samsung S20’s they both arrived in perfect condition. One was fine the other was a Sprint phone. It was not unlocked and would not stay on the Verizon network. They shipped a replacement which tookn6 days to arrive and again it was a Sprint phone NOT unlocked. Now we cannot get refund until both phones are returned and we were not allowed another replacement. Terrible inconvenience. Not happy.

  5. Caleb

    Be careful when ordering this phone because this is advertised as a S20 5G phone. When I bought it, I received a S20 5G UW. This appears the same as the normal S20 5G, but they have slightly different specs and the UW is a cheaper product. It has less memory and no SD expansion compared to the regular S20 and it is a specific to Verizon due to their 5G band specifications. Unless you are a Verizon customer, I wouldn’t accept this product because it is a slightly lesser phone, and this is advertised as S20 5G and not S20 5G UW. Please don’t accept something that is less than what is advertised.

  6. Leah Ladner

    A completely shattered back is not a “clean product with minimal to no signs of wear or visible cosmetic imperfections when held at an arm’s length.”I had expected small scratch or two or a tiny crack in the back that a case could hide, not something that looks like it fell from an airplane before the whole thing was wrapped in a plastic bag and given an inspected and repackaged sticker. How does something this damaged pass inspection? Glass shards are sticking out the bottom just waiting to get stuck in a finger.The Amazon shipping box was the only thing that showed no signs of damage.

  7. Michael Wisniewski

    I just got the phone and it is in excellent, like new condition. Everything seems to work well and I will provide an update. The description explicitly says that it will work with Verizon. I tried to activate it and after being on the phone for over an hour with Verizon, they put in a ticket to have it activated and troubleshooting. I was told that my phone MAY be activated in 7 DAYS or more! So just be aware that, “Verizon compatible” is subjective. I don’t fault the phone for this per se but it certainly isn’t convenient. Ultimately I think this is just Verizon punishing customers for not buying from them but just be aware that if you buy this phone, you may not have it to use for a while. I’ll post an update once it’s actually working, IF that happens.Update 8 days later: I’ve spent some time with the phone and I think at this price point it’s really an excellent device. Had I paid the brand new price for it is probay not be as impressed. It’s a solid, snappy, well built phone with a really nice camera. I got rid of all the Samsung bloatware and installed a third party launcher for a cleaner experience as I prefer a pure Android OS.Now the Verizon issue… it took 7 days and me calling once a day for the last three days to get the phone activated with the new 5g sim card that Verizon sent me. I received the sim card the same day as the phone so that wasn’t the issue. Verykept saying that there was a message about a, ” feature” that wouldn’t allow it activate and their IT department had to do something with it. I’m still not sure what the problem was but be prepared for a little frustration if you’re using this on Verizon. I’m happy with the end result but it was a headache to get there.

  8. Ozari

    Everything you expect from a new phone. I have a few issues. I have not had this phone for a week and it is already “malfunctioning”. This has caused me to be a bit worried about it after a few months. The keyboard has given me issues already by not registered when i press certain letters, after closing the keyboard and opening it again, then it will work. The next issue is the phone display light. It keeps getting brighter and dimmer without input. It does this in 3 seconds intervals. the only time it stops is when you manually set the light.I would have sent back the phone for these reasons but i cannot bare erasing and setting up a phone again and to wait for it to be replaced. So i am hoping these will be the only issues for atleast a year. besides these issue the phone works well and processes quickly. camera is good and the filters are crisp.

  9. PJ Way

    The phone still had an owner lock on the device. Samsung stated there was no way to remove the account. The product may have been tested for minimal functions and had a good appearance as new, yet the device is useless when the product was not able to get past the device log in requirements even with a complete factory reset. This could not have been tested completely before sale. The refund policy with Amazon for the purchase was the one saving grace.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Let me say first that I like this phone, it is fast, great camera, light and good lookin. But there are a few things you must know before you buy it, or you will be disappointed.THE BAD1.- It is sold as a dual sim phone, but you can only use one physical sim and the second can only be a Esim, which in many countries are not that easy to get, or even not be an option at all. So, if you are looking for dual physical sim phone, this one is not it. Even so, Esims will soon be the future.2.- Finger print reader is bad. Worst than any conventional finger print reader. But, you still get that option that works “most” of the times. My wife has an Iphone 12+ and can only do face recognition or password of some sorts.3.- Face recognition is not perfect either. Here, my only consolation is that my wife’s Iphone’s face recognition also fails to do the job consistently on her. With the S20FE, I can unlock my phone without any pass word 99% of the times, although that might take a combination of face recognition and finger print.4.- As most top flagships in all brands, no more audio jack. So be ready to buy wireless speakers and earbuds.THE GOOD1.- It is incredibly snappy, and when in hi frequency mode, it feels even smother than the Iphone 12.2.- Screen is flat and colors and image are really sharp.3.- Camera is fantastic. You will not be disappointed in this area.3.- It is very slim and not heavy at all. Feel good in my hand. My wife’s phone feels like a brick compared to my.4.- Sound is rather good, considering it is a phone.Conclusion: While I’m very happy with this phone, I hope finger print reader and face recognition improve soon. But as I said, compared to Iphone, it has at least the option to use finger print, while face recognition is about as effective as the Iphone’s, meaning, neither of them are perfect.

  11. Helene

    The battery does not hold a charge for even 8 hours. The dual sim is useless if you have TMobile- will not operate two TMobile sims (different phone numbers). It will appear to work for maybe an hour or two and without warning the lines will no longer work but you will not know until someone calls your landline and tells you the phone numbers are not working. Seller is HORRIBLE! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER…. SUPER SLOW SHIPPING EVEN IF YOU PAY FOR FAST SHIPPING AND RUDE SELLER WHO IS DISHONEST.

  12. Jerrod Hall

    After having this phone for about 2 months I decided to sell this phone for a Galaxy S21. The performance software and hardware is top notch also the video, camera and gaming is great. The only reson I haven’t gave this anything over 3 stars is due to the phone not being able to download the Android 11 patch update to fix the screen and navigation problems.Apparently, this AT&T S20 FE isn’t capable to do that on the T-Mobile network. So, before you go to purchase any unlock phone from Amazon renewed please contact the seller about what network was the phone on before you buy it.

  13. geneva

    Cant use the phone in US.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Good price, only saw one sim card slot, I thought should have two, wireless charger nice. It’s not going to be supported for AT&T as of February 2022. Ours is headed overseas. Very annoying power off due to Bixby.

  15. Eff Ewe Leo

    As a phone by itself it’s a great phone but if you expect to get all the features on a Samsung Galaxy Watch such as ECG etc then you’ll be sorely disappointed.The phone is an international model and you will be denied functionality with those watch features. Only remedy is to purchase another new phone from Samsung direct or go to your phone carrier and buy their version and the trade in.Otherwise that shiney new Galaxy Watch 4 has barely more features than a cheaper non-samsung smartphone.Kind of sad since there is no warning in the product details or from Samsung itself.

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