TCL 20 SE 6.82″ Unlocked Cellphone, 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM, US Version Android 11 Smartphone with 48MP Rear AI Quad-Camera, 5000mAh Big Battery, Dual Speaker, OTG Reverse Charging Octa-Core, Aurora Green

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Most popular TCL 20 SE 6.82″ Unlocked Cellphone, 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM, US Version Android 11 Smartphone with 48MP Rear AI Quad-Camera, 5000mAh Big Battery, Dual Speaker, OTG Reverse Charging Octa-Core, Aurora Green Buying

Samsung Galaxy A51 review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Samsung Galaxy A51's top features, build and screen quality,...

The best Samsung A51


Samsung Galaxy A51 A515F 128GB DUOS GSM Unlocked Phone w/Quad Camera 48 MP + 12 MP + 5 MP + 5 MP (International Variant/US Compatible LTE) - Prism Crush Black

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Additional information

Fast and Smooth Performance

Feel instant response time thanks to the Qualcomm Octa-Core processor. Compatible with the T-Mobile and AT&T LTE networks.networks.(This device would support the new AT&T network next year) This device is currently not certified for use on Verizon. Not compatible with any CDMA networks.(such as Verizon, Sprint, Spectrum, Xfinity,etc.)

Intelligent 48MP AI Quad-Camera

Shoot high-definition images effortlessly with a 48MP AI rear camera. Capture various perspectives with macro, depth and super-wide-angle cameras, plus an impressive 13MP front camera. Every shot you take will be stunning.

Massive 128GB Internal Storage

The phone's 128GB memory allows you to store and access all the photos, videos, music, books and files you need instantly without worrying about running out of space. You can also add up to 256GB of memory with a microSD card (sold separately).

Enjoy more with a long-lasting 5000 mAh Battery

The 5000mAh battery lets you enjoy your movies, music and browsing for hours on a single charge, while on-the-go reverse charging lets you power up all your other devices.

13 reviews for TCL 20 SE 6.82″ Unlocked Cellphone, 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM, US Version Android 11 Smartphone with 48MP Rear AI Quad-Camera, 5000mAh Big Battery, Dual Speaker, OTG Reverse Charging Octa-Core, Aurora Green

  1. Andre Lebron

    This is false advertisement it’s not 6gb of RAM it only has 4gb very upset I would put a negative 5 because I don’t like to get ripped off so buyer beware and also like to add the Box wasn’t sealed it with no stickers and barely any information on the box about the spec’s very suspicious

  2. Ulises Hernandez

    Don’t buy! It’s 4gb of ram! Not 6gb! Customer support from BREED is utter garbageWill change review if something is done EDIT: THEY CHANGED IT TO NOT SHOW 6GB BUT CHARGE SAME PRICE FOR 4GB

  3. Kyle Anwyl

    I purchased the 128GB with 4GB ram model in all black. My wife’s S8+ that was close to becoming non-functional and I needed a new phone asap. I had previously purchased an A20s for my son and so I first ordered the A30s until I did some research regarding my mobile provider T-Mobile in the US.I cancelled the A30s and got the A51 primarily because of the supported LTE bands. T-Mobile uses the following bands2, 4, 5, 12, 66, 71The A30s only supports band 5 from the that list!However, the A51 supports band 2, 4, 5, 12 and 66. I was gladly willing to pay a little more to ensure I had maximum connectivity with my carrier so I cancelled the A30s and purchased the A51 instead.Now with that primary consideration out of the way, on to the rest of the review. I’ll start with the best parts first.1. Call quality, reception and connectivityThe call quality is excellent on this phone, right up there with my s10+. I think the microphone quality has been improved because my wife loves using the speakerphone and on her hold s8+, her voice occasionally cut out here and there as the mic tried to pick up her voice. Also, the sound quality of the voice has improved as well which further helps to understand the conversation. Reception has been about the same compared to my s10+, which is to say pretty good. We measured on signel strength and asu. The mobile data speeds are excellent even in areas that are typically weaker in signal strength.2. ScreenSamsung AMOLEDs are the best in the business when it comes to screen quality. We are a little relieved the screen is not curved because this allows us to get a robust case to protect everything. The colors, quality and resolution are all indistuingishable compared to my s10+. The front camera is a tiny pinhole so the entire body is pretty much all screen. There is an in-screen fingerprint reader which is optical, rather than infrasonic on my s10+ but it is still reasonably fast to unlock the phone. Yes it is slightly slower than my s10+ but we’re talking milliseconds of difference.3. General usabilityMy wife is not a gamer so I can’t say anything about the gaming experience but she does use a ton of media and productivity apps. For all of her use on them so far, she says they feel snappy. They all open fast and transition well and she multitasks as much as before without a shred of difference. When we first setup the phone, we were concerned because there was some UI lag but realized a lot of processing was being used during the Samsung Switch, which transfered her entire old phone to the new phone. Once the switch was done, we rebooted and the phone was responsive and fast.4. CameraThe camera hardware has some beefy specs. But for a mostly point-and-shooter, it’s hard to really go wrong many camera setups. Picture quality looks great in the light and not as good in the dark compared to my s10+. The slower camera speed is noticeable, transitioning between the main camera/wide/macro takes about a half second, where on my s10+ is pretty much instant. The shutter is just as fast, luckily. If camera speeds are important to you, you would probably not be happy with this phone.5. BatteryI have to admit, we were looking forward to getting more usable time out of the battery. The battery is 4000mah unit and the s8+ was only 3500mah. However, through the typical daily use, we found that the end-of-day percentage left were about the same. We average about 4 hours of on-screen time scattered throughout the day with app use and web-browsing and the battery was around 40% left, which is the same as the s8+. If long battery life is important to you, you would not be happy with this phone but keep in mind, it can easily last an entire busy day on a single charge.Overall, we like the phone for the price of under $300.

  4. rcknana

    I ordered a factory unlocked phone. Kept getting weird messages when I turned it on. I checked the phone information in settings and it’s a Sprint phone, not an unlocked phone. So back it goes.

  5. Jeff W. Smith

    This phone was not unlocked. It was still tied to a sprint account. It was advertised as unlocked. It is useless, you cannot even go through the motions of unlocking the phone even if it is legitimately unlockable without the previous owners account information.

  6. Stephanie Van Orden

    The ad says it is unlocked….it was not! After getting the run around from both my provider and Sprint the issue is still not resolved! I paid a lot of money for an unusable phone and I’m really angry about it! Stay away from this! Pay a few extra bucks and buy a phone directly from your provider. 🙁

  7. Westie

    When I bought this product I was skeptical about the condition. But after I received it and very carefully inspected it I found absolutely no sign of use. And to date, I have been extremely pleased with the functionality of this product, it’s camera, and it’s great price. Plus Amazon offers includes a 90-day guarantee. I compared it to two other Samsung cell phones which were more expensive, the A71 and the S20 FE. I much prefer the camera’s color rendering of the A51 5G to those other two Samsung phones.

  8. Christina Pittman

    i purchased this phone with the understanding that the phone was unlocked.. before i state my problem i have to give credit the phone itself it was practically brand new.. not a single blimish and the phone would have met my expectations and more.. my problem was that the phone was locked and black listed by at&t .. i spent hours on the phone with AT&T customer service and my cell phone provider to learn that the phone had an outstanding balance due and they wanted me to pay the balance before i could get the phone unlocked .. after voicing my concerns to amazon (their customer service is amazing and i dont blame amazon )(this phone was from a third party) i can not get my money back till the company gets their phone back which is in the mail as i write this .. but is very frustrating considering that it will be about a week for them to get the phone.. so be mindful this was my experience and might not be yours just do your research first

  9. Wang

    I just purchased a Galaxy A51 5G unlocked phone from Amazon at a very attractive price of 249.00, only to find out that the phone has been locked with ATT due to unpaid balance and unlocking request was denied.Someone already complained about this and I though that Amazon should have fixed this, but they didn’t and continue irresponsibly to allow sellers to sell such phone on its website ..Tomorrow I will call Amazon US customer service and return the phone !

  10. Charles

    The cell phone is just as described, it looks very beautiful and I like it very much.It has the most advanced face recognition, fast downloading speed, fast running software, good phone signal, especially the battery, which can last for almost two days after full charge, which is beyond my imagination.Very satisfying shopping experience, highly recommended.

  11. Mark Hayes

    Everything about the cell phone looked good. But when I tried to get a hold of customer service to help me get started {I’m 76 yrs old} It was difficult to find a number for them. They only included a quick start guide, which was vague in the box. The cover they put in the box is plastic and only goes on the back side of the phone. The front is left unprotected. The worst part was that for the TCL 20 SE I purchased their absolutely nobody that makes a protective case for it. I tried Amazon, I Blason and everywhere else on the Internet and could not find one. It turned out to be a nightmare and that is why I returned it. If there was a rating lower than 1 star I would have used it. I really can’t rate the next couple of items, Face recognition or Fingerprint reader, or Battery life because I never got the customer support to set it up.

  12. Gibbylove

    I have always been a Samsung cell phone person. I saw this TCL phone and right away I felt attracted to it. It has been a few days it works great with my phone carrier. I like the battery it is great and its features, even photographs, and movies. Why pay so much money for a brand name when this phone does the same things an expensive one does. I strongly recommend this cell phone. The price is great and it looks and feels great.

  13. Kindle Customer

    It does NOT support 4g technology like it says and they will not let me return it.. $350 down the drain.. This company sucks!

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