TracFone LG K31 Rebel 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone (Locked) – Black – 32GB – Sim Card Included – CDMA

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Last updated on 24.07.2022 02:32
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Best choice TracFone LG K31 Rebel 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone (Locked) – Black – 32GB – Sim Card Included – CDMA Available in 2021


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TracFone LG Reflect LTE Prepaid Smartphone (Locked) - Black - 32GB - Sim Card Included - CDMA

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as of 24.07.2022 02:32
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Additional information


This phone is locked to Tracfone which means this Device can only be used on the Tracfone network

15 reviews for TracFone LG K31 Rebel 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone (Locked) – Black – 32GB – Sim Card Included – CDMA

  1. Paulie Walnuts

    The camera doesn’t work, neither does the flash light. This has been a problem since unpacking the item. Eventually, both would work after resetting and restoring my iPhone but would then stop after a few days.I have dealt with this issue for over a month. Initially, I tried calling the seller multiple times and have left a voice message. Never heard from them. So I am now stuck with a faulty phone that works on its own terms.The seller was Lonestar Mobile.

  2. Donnavon Copeland

    Package arrived on time. But the phone was not unlocked as advertised

  3. Hope Zombro

    i always buy my phones on amazon. it’s always cheaper and more convenient. i have since upgraded to the xs max, but i loved this phone when i had it. there were absolutely no flaws when i received it (cracks, dents, scratches, etc). it looked and operated like a brand new iphone. all of the switches, touch id, cameras, etc worked perfectly fine. i used this with straight talk and had no issues putting my sim card in and getting thing to note is that you will have to buy your own headphone adapter (they’re about $9 on apple’s website) if you don’t have airpods/wireless headphones since the headphone jack is now gone. the package only included a white box, the phone in protective films, a couple of info papers, and a charger.overall, i’m extremely happy with my purchase and i will buy again if the time arises.

  4. Jenny

    This item wasn’t even a iPhone it’s a cheep android not the real iPhone 🤬

  5. Melissa Hathaway

    Leason learned with this one. I received the phone a couple weeks ago, but waited for my daughter to get home from college for Christmas before activating it. After she activated it, she was having problems sending messages, etc., so she went to the Verizon store for help. She was told the serial number for the phone is blacklisted because it has been reported lost or stolen. When we tried to re-active her old phone, her number had been blocked for fraud associated with the stolen/lost phone. She and my husband were on the phone with Verizon last night for more than two hours trying to get this mess resolved. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Just get a new phone.

  6. Schy

    i was so scared to order a $600 8 plus off amazon and after reading some of the reviews it made me a lil more scared. i just got my phone in the mail today and it came in a nice little assorted box with a charger and everything. i took the phone out it already had a screen protector on so that was a plus, i cut it on and activated it with no problem, and so far it’s working perfectly fine, just like new. so far so great 🙂 thank you buyspry or however u spell it lol ❤️

  7. Karen C.

    I was very hesitant about buying an iPhone off of Amazon, but I did it and was not disappointed. It came with 100% battery life, so it basically was brand new. It came with a charger and cube (plug), but that’s it. Sorry to disappoint those who into that airpod life.No scratches and shipped fairly quickly. The only complaint I have for the iPhone XS, in general, is that I really liked the fingerprint scan, sometimes the face recognition doesn’t work when you’re looking down. But what it lacks in that feature, the iPhone delivers in the portrait camera mode, I seriously am in love with the blur feature.Sincerely,A very satisfied Amazon customer

  8. Mauricio Cordero

    One – It comes in a weird boxTwo it had more scuffs and scratches than I’d like for the price3 – I had to return it because of how over all lame it came and how it showed up/ battery was pretty warn/scratches/ and I didn’t get the awesome feeling of unboxing it..

  9. Niki Abram

    I absolutely love my new iPhone XS! It arrived on time and practically brand new. The battery health is at 95% so it’s practically a brand new battery in here. It’s a very beautiful looking phone and is very responsive especially with the face recognition. That works very well even in low light settings, or if you have sunglasses and a hat on. I was surprised at how accurate that was. The battery lasts all day easily and I’ve hardly had any issues with apps crashing or anything like that.The phone itself was flawless and came with a protective film over it. There’s no scratches or signs of wear or anything to be found on the phone which I thought was great especially since it is an Amazon renewed item!I would definitely recommend this for anybody that is looking to upgrade their phone. The one I got is fully unlocked to GSM and CDMA networks so you can use it for any cell phone provider as long as you have a SIM card which it does not come with. It does come with a SIM tool as well as a generic charger and short cable which I just have tucked away as spares.

  10. Beau (Steve) Carrington

    Great phone at a great price. Wife loves it. Great features, especially the large screen and camera(s). Easy to use. Great battery life. Cannot go wrong with this phone. Recommended highly. A+++

  11. The Weisses

    Well, the price says it all. I did not purchase this phone cuz I wanted awesome specs n extended battery life. Nor am I a professional photographer. I bought this phone to get the basic job done, and so far it hasn’t disappointed. If you want that fancy phone, she’ll out the extra $1000 n get an iPhone or samsung s20. This will do for simple folks like me, at least for now

  12. Michelle

    This is the only phone I’ve purchased that I didn’t really love. When I first got it it really took forever to turn on. It would freeze and restart for no reason. It comes with certain apps installed which always seem to be why it would mess up. I uninstalled those apps and now works like a regular phone. Doesn’t freeze or restart.

  13. Chris X

    Well this is annoying as all the information I looked up on this says it’s both 2.4 and 5 wifi but it’s not. It’s only 2.4. This is a problem due to what I use it for so back it goes. If you plan on using this as a regular phone it’s pretty nice , fast overall, and really shines. One annoying thing is the swiping up diagonally from bottom to close apps. This drove me nuts for a few hours as most you just swipe up. If you can live with that and you don’t need dual wifi the get it. It’s fast for the price and really nice otherwise. My rating reflects misinformation and frustration over what I ordered and what I got. Had it been dual wifi it would have been a 5 star item.

  14. Linzilliza

    I bought this phone for my son. Just to use around the house with Wi-Fi, he is 11. so far the phone seems very nice and he really likes it and it is quite fast compared to the older phone he was using. Connects to Wi-Fi no problem, as we don’t have a plan on it. The battery lasts a long time which is great for a kid who likes to play games and watch tik tok. I did think there was going to be a fingerprint reader which there is not, but that’s no big deal to us at all. I am planning on buying another one for my 9-year-old to use around the house as well. Great phone, highly recommend!October 2021- still going strong. We bought another for another kid and it works great too!

  15. linda v

    Update: took off one star for bluetooth,cuts out and won’t stay paired to my car. Was not an issue with my galaxy 😒Really love this phone. Love the fingerprint feature! Turns phone on and unlocks with a touch. Speeds up bill paying on my phone by skipping the passwords on the bank apps. Camera takes great pics! Has nice features for taking selfies, if you’re into that. Very quick responses. Cheaper than the Galaxy crown it replaced, and has twice the storage and 50% more Ram. Plus fingerprint id!!! All my apps work faster and smoothly! The pixel count is the same, but it focuses much faster so you still get a great picture if your hands aren’t super steady. Huge screen, you can make the icons nice and big, and big bold type fits. Combine that with dark mode, and it’s great for old eyes. In summary, my favorite phone ever!!! Google assistant is awesome. You can tell the phone to make calls without touching the phone, even to unlock it. Just Hey Google call blank (name from contacts or a number). Works the same for sending a text, and you just dictate the message. Voice recognition overrides the lock. My favorite phone ever!!! The battery life is exceptional too. Phone also upgraded to Android10 in the first week. I haven’t found anything not to like. Will update, if that changes… I don’t even mind the power button on the side. I have had a problem with accidentally turning off other phones holding them in my left hand. The size of this phone allows four fingers gripping without the index finger ending up on top of the power button.

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