Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A51 4G LTE prepaid Smartphone (Locked) – Black – 128GB – Sim Card Included – CDMA

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Most popular Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A51 4G LTE prepaid Smartphone (Locked) – Black – 128GB – Sim Card Included – CDMA In our Store

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Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A51 4G LTE prepaid Smartphone (Locked) - Black - 128GB - Sim Card Included - CDMA

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13 reviews for Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A51 4G LTE prepaid Smartphone (Locked) – Black – 128GB – Sim Card Included – CDMA

  1. lildbcakes

    The one star is simply because this phone did not work on Verizon despite the description saying that it is “compatible with most major U.S. GSM and CDMA Networks.” I spent 1.5 hrs chatting with Verizon and could not get the phone to work despite saying that it was on their network. I returned that phone for a replacement and the 2nd phone also would not make or receive calls.

  2. Michael J.

    No complaints about the phone, but for some reason, ATT will not recognize it. After three days and five visits to various ATT service centers, I am returning it. Also, there is no help from the Amazon support folks. In fact, both sides directed me to the other for the solution. Not sure about the other carriers.

  3. Melissa

    I don’t write many reviews, but since this phone is new to the US market, I thought I would throw my two cents in. I have only had two smartphones since 2016, yep I was a big hold out, and they were both cheap BLU phones, so I don’t have much to compare this to. It’s more phone than I need, and it’s a great phone so far, except for one thing. It has no LED notification light. I didn’t know this when I bought it, and I’m struggling. The reason I decided to replace my year and a half old phone is that the notification light constantly flashed for no known reason. I always have sound off, and I’m not always right near my phone, so it’s annoying thinking I missed a call or text and checking my phone, I realize it’s just a glitch. This phone doesn’t tell me I missed a call or message unless I check it. I think that’s better, but only slightly. Some people will not be bothered by this, but I only realized this after I bought it, even after reading many reviews. The fingerprint sensor is ok, fails sometimes, and I have no screen protector, but it might fail more often with one. You can use the PIN option as well. It takes pretty good pictures, but again, I can only compare with not so great phones. I thought I would be wowed by this phone after reading all the reviews and coming from a true budget phone, but I’m just on the fence. So essentially my two cents is do a lot of research and make sure this, or any phone, has the features you want, because while this phone is new to the US market and is getting rave reviews, there might be a better phone out there even cheaper.

  4. Tyrone

    Performance = 9 / 10 – fast Snapdragon cpu but only only 6gb ramDisplay = 8.7 / 10 – 120ghz is great but screen is washed compared to s10/s20Batttery = 8.8 / 10 – all day batteryDesign = 8.7 / 10 – flat screen but bezels could be smallerCamera = 9 /10 – great main cameras – selfie camera is MEH and pics can be blurry on moving objectsFeatures = 9/10 – three years of software updates..5g…a lot of color options .. ip68 .. wireless charging .. dex

  5. Jake

    When I purchased this it was listed as 8gb of ram but the model I received is 6gb. That makes me feel lured into something I wasn’t expecting.The phone is a solid overall phone with premium performance for the price due to sacrificing the build quality by making the back plastic and the screen gorilla glass 3 instead of 6.Doesn’t matter to me as I wanted an unused device (battery) with a top notch processor for the smallest price point.I’m still slightly upset about not getting 8gb as was listed when I purchased which is why I didn’t rate 5/5.

  6. Jacob E

    Coming from a pixel 2 I expected more.Front camera is slow and very blurry in low-lightvibration intensity is pathetic, I keep missing’s obnoxiously largefingerprint scanner is inconsistent at best, even without any screen protection (if anyone had one in stock)Samsung’s version of android is garbage, I actually downgraded from Android 11 to 10battery life is better than my ancient phone.wifi6 is fast, about 300Mbps testedWifi6 Stats:Channel 40 (11ax)Signal 94% (-53 dBm)Rx Rate 960 MbpsTx Rate 648 MbpsPower Save Enabled5G is decent (LTE+ indicated at 100Mbps down, 4Mbps up, AT&T in Raleigh, NC)If you you like Samsung’s spin on android and large screens this is a great phone for you.

  7. Poppin

    I was thinking about knocking off a star because it would say to restart because the Micro SD card was removed when it wasn’t. Even just sitting on a table it would say that. Most forums said it happened after the April update. My Micro SD card is fine and when the error comes up and check my pictures they are there. I’m using a 3 year old Samsung 256GB EVO Micro SD card from my old phone. Will probably upgrade to 512GB soon now that google put limits on photo uploads. I still use Amazon Prime to upload photos since they are still unlimited if you have a Prime account/subscription. So my pictures will reside on the SD card and Amazon Photos. Amazon limits you on videos though.Update: I put in a Kingston 512GB card and haven’t had the error since. I placed the 256GB EVO back in my old phone and it didn’t have errors. Maybe the card has to sit perfectly snug in the tray?For T-Mobile’s 5G I got 275Mbps down, 100Mbps in my house. Outside of the house I get 347Mbps down and 137Mbps up using the app in LA. You can turn off 5G if you want to. It’s in settings. When you are on Wifi it disables 5G.Update: I now get 776Mbps down and 82Mbps up inside my house. T-mobile called the next week and offered 5G home internet for $50/mo.Battery life is really good compared to my old phone that had a SnapDragon 845.I started setting it up with WIndows 10 “your phone” app. It allows you to manage notifications, messages, photos, and calls from Windwos 10 if the PC and phone are on the same local network (phone has to be on wifi, not cell data). It’s a great way to copy and paste text messages and manage/copy photos from the phone to my computer. Then I noticed I could mirror the screen (interact with my phone from my computer) and use my phone’s apps in Windows 10. Some apps like some games won’t work but I’d say 90% of them do. I tried to do the same with my wife’s Pixel 4a but it wasn’t there. I found out that it’s only for the majority of Samsung phones and it’s called link to Windows. You can do the screen mirroring with 3rd party software with other android/iOS phones but this built in feature is very fast and seamless and high resolution.This phone is very similar to a Pixel 4a 5G. The Pixel 4a 5G has a very small advantage in pictures but not by much. This A52 5G has better macro photos. The Pixel 4a 5G has a much brighter screen if you use your phone a lot in direct sunlight. I found the screen to be very good but I’m not in the sun very much. I went from a 1440p screen to a 1080p screen and it’s noticeable but I got used to it.The speed of running apps and games are very similar to my Snapdragon 845 phone but with longer battery life. If you don’t play a lot of 3D games then the processor is more than enough.Stereo speakers sound clearer. It won’t replace my land line or work handset speakerphone just because they have larger speakers but it’s good.Back to the camera it is very good. Similar to a Pixel 4a 5G but Samsung has their own camera app and it’s better. There are fun snapchat filters and AR (augmented realty) you can use without using the snapchat app. Similar to using the snap camera app in Windows 10. Being able to change from close up to normal and widescreen are very seamless and handy. I didn’t to videos yet but examples on youtube show the stabilization on the Pixel 4a is a lot better so if you like to take 4K video while walking you should get something else. there is digital stabilization but you can only do that in 1080p. Reminder, Google still gives Pixel owners unlimited photo uploads for now.The Samsung UI takes getting used to. I’m used the Android One or just plain Android 11. It has a few small things that are convenient that make it “smarter”. There are a lot of small things so you’ll have to look at a review on the Samsung UI.I thought the punch hole selfie camera would bother me but my mind ignores it as it is on the side and small. I only notice it when watching videos full screen but I often concentrate on the middle of the screen anyways.If you want unlimited photo/video storage, brighter screen, and slightly better camera performance get a Pixel 4a 5G. It’s the same price. If you like the link to Windows feature, better day time photos, keeping your media on a micro SDXC card then get the Samsung. I think the Samsung A52 5G will offer slightly better battery life.Only things in the box are a 15w charger, 4ft USB A to C cable, and SIM card ejection tool and some small manuals. I think this comes with a 2 year Samsung warranty. Both phones have the same IP waterproof rating. Something you usually don’t find in mid-range phones.I can’t say much about the fingerprint reader. I don’t have many ridges let on my fingers so no sensor can accurately read my fingerprints. This affects heavy laborers and asians who don’t have deep finger print ridges. It doesn’t matter how accurate it is, it won’t work if your ridges aren’t deep enough. Even the expensive ones at work have a hard time.

  8. Daisy S

    First of all, I am a techy type of person and I did not want to spend 1,000 or more on a Flagship Samsung Phone. I decided to purchase the Samsung A52 5G Phone. I purchased it a brick and mortar store close to my home. I placed my existing AT&T Sim Card in it and it worked beautifully.Pros of this Phone:1) This phone has the longest BATTERY LIFE of any cellphone that I’ve ever owned. In the past I’ve used “Renewed” Samsung Note Phones and the AT&T A71 5G Phone. They had up to about 8 hours of heavy use battery life.The A52 5G gives me 12 hours of HEAVY use BATTERY Life and I still have 15 percent left.2) The phone is very fast, no lagging ever.3) The screen is very sharp and clear. The brightness have 800 Nits maximum brightness so it is easy to read this phone in Direct Sunlight.4) WiFi, Data and More…This phone easily connects to WiFi and its very fast. Data…I have a AT&T 40.00 Monthly Plan with 15GB. There is no 5G where I live, however in a few months, it will have 5G here, this is the main reason why I purchased this 5G phone.Camera is superb, it has 10 x Magnification. The pictures come out clear and sharp.5) It has a 3.5 Headset Jack and a SD Card Slot. The Flagship Samsung phones don’t give you a 3.5 Jack, and some of the Flagship Phones don’t give you an SD Card Slot.Cons…Just one MINOR Con, It doesn’t give you a built in S Pen, however, I purchased a Slim and Trim Generic Stylus so now I can use Samsung Notes for my handwritten notes.Highly recommended,

  9. Nibbles

    EXPANDABLE STORAGE AND 3.5MM JACK I slept on this phone the whole time I was shopping simply because I never liked Samsung’s jank phones. But after scouring the market trying to find a phone that offered at least half the value they charged you for, I settled on the LG V60 (RIP LG phones), which wouldn’t work on my network because of some bs proprietary technology (it seems like we’re evolving backwards, innit?) It wasn’t until I was going mad with rage at the consumer electronics market that I checked this phone out, and while I don’t care for the UI, it’s got all the hardware I need for an almost reasonable price. It basically cost the same as my G6 did, but comes with a better display and camera.Display is sweet, I like you can turn off 120hz to get more out of your battery, but I consistently run 120 with netflix, some social media-ing, and a fair amount of picture taking and the battery lasts me about a day and a half (I went to work with a full charge at 6am this morning, it’s 11pm now and I’ve got 45% left with me having binged watched netflix for at least a few hours while browsing the web)Camera isn’t top of the line, but it is pretty dang crispy. Focus is fast, you can quickly adjust WB, has a fair amount of shooting modes and image processing. My biggest quirk is, and this may just be my eyes, but depth seems a bit off at times, like the background and foreground blend a bit. Night shooting is pretty clean, and has better zoom than any phone I’ve owned, but don’t expect magic from a quarter mile away haha video is a little shakey, I would’ve liked to have seen more stabilization, but I can deal with it.Comes with android 10 but you can download 11 off rip.One other thing I liked about this phone is there isn’t a whole lot of bloatwear that you can’t delete. Even most of Samsung’s and Google’s apps can be deleted, which is great because I don’t want em hahaOther noteworthy things:MicroSD up to 1tbIP68 rating-i actually already accidentally tested this at it was sweet, so save your rice for cooking, kids.Kinda hard to find a sweet case for it, there is no classic defender otterbox :(It’s wide and tall, but offset by not being very deep. Two hander if you’ve got small hands though.Final thoughts:Samsung still sucks, and I’ll forever miss LG phones, but the specs you get for the price are really unmatched for what’s out there nowadays. I really don’t understand why you’d buy a $1300 flagship that has the same display, a slightly better camera, and no expandable storage, no audio jack, no IP rating, and an equal or lesser battery. In my eyes, this is the only phone worth getting in 2021. If I hadn’t found it, I’d have just gotten a talk and text phone for work and just chalked everything else because smart phones are becoming more and more of a ripoff each year, and this was a REALLY bad year for them. Price gouging, proprietary tech locking you up, consumers will be at the mercy of the industry until we reclaim our buying power and refuse to pay for overpriced garbage

  10. John

    Broke front glass within 2 days. Spoke with Samsung, no sympathy. 1 ft drop, Crack. Comes with and later without permission installed bloatware (mal?), Galaxy store and just now Bixby. Cheap Chinese phone had more respect for customers.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Came with a ton of bloatware from AT&T. Installed my new sim card (T-mobile) which the seller says will work according to the page) and worked fine for about 12 hours. Now I keep getting the dreaded Error #6 message (phone not allowed) due to the card not being for AT&T. Guess I am going to return it…..

  12. david bartlett

    had to upgrade to a 5g phone as at&t cut off my data. I LOVE this phone. great camera, decent battery life, super easy to import stuff from my old phone, set up and get started. i would def recommend / buy it again.

  13. Motherofcats

    Love this phone. I’ve been using this phone for about 2 weeks now and the only issue I’ve had in this amount of time was it had random network connection issues once where I couldn’t make or receive calls but it couldve been caused by the latest samsung update. The fix was turning phone off and pulling sim tray out and reinserting it to get it to read. I’m on at&t plan.

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