Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021 (64GB, 4GB) 6.3″ FHD,48MP Quad Camera, Dual SIM GSM Factory Unlocked – US & Global 4G LTE International Version (64GB SD Bundle, Neptune Blue)

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The best Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021 (64GB, 4GB) 6.3″ FHD,48MP Quad Camera, Dual SIM GSM Factory Unlocked – US & Global 4G LTE International Version (64GB SD Bundle, Neptune Blue) Available in 2021

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The best Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone 128GB US Version Mobile Gaming Smartphone Long-Lasting Battery, Mystic Black

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International Model, Does not have US Warranty. Will work with GSM SIM cards in the U.S. and the world Including AT&T. Will NOT work with CDMA Carriers Such as Verizon, Sprint, Boost, and also T-Mobile. - FCC ID


6.3" IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, FHD+ 1080×2340 pixels, 19.5

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15 reviews for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021 (64GB, 4GB) 6.3″ FHD,48MP Quad Camera, Dual SIM GSM Factory Unlocked – US & Global 4G LTE International Version (64GB SD Bundle, Neptune Blue)

  1. Steve

    To preface this, I am being forced to purchase a new device as all US networks are apparently no longer supporting Huawei devices in the very near future. I decided to give the Note a try as it seemed that it would keep up with my daily usage for work and I’ve always desired having the S pen.I’ve been using this phone for a few days now and it is soooooo slow. Apps and Google searches take way too long to load. Hotspot is just downright awful. Battery life is sub par. Fast charging is much slower than what I had. Camera doesn’t quite compare to my old phone’s Leica camera, which I figured it wouldn’t. Not sure what kind of scam this is but I’m definitely returning it. Also didn’t come with earbuds or the phone clone connector. Don’t get me wrong, the phone looks great. The S pen was everything I was hoping for. The screen is spectacular and super bright. The 120hz refresh rate was cool for maybe the first 10 sec, then I realized it was a pretty worthless feature. Scrolling to the end of long page in a few seconds does me no good when I’m trying to read posts or search for information on that page.I went to AT&T to get my phone diagnosed. He tested it against his Note 20 Ultra and his phone ended up being twice as fast as mine running the same speed test, on the same network, on the same unlimited plan… all after my device took an additional 10-15 sec to connect before even starting the test.My advice, don’t waste your money. Just because Samsung markets like crazy doesn’t mean their phones are any good. For a flagship device and the price point, this phone falls well short of being worth it. I came from a two year old Huawei Mate 20 Pro and it’s sad that Samsung can’t make a phone that is able to compete with it. Not what I expected for my first Note phone. I’ve never been a Samsung hater by any means, but this experience just solidifies my previous viewpoint to never buy a Samsung device. Won’t make that mistake again.Update:I made that mistake again… In my defense, I was hoping this was an isolated incident or just a simple case of a bad device. I ordered another unlocked Note 20 Ultra from Best Busy to compare. Unfortunately for me, it was not. That device had all the same issues. Slow network speeds with AT&T (I live in a major city so this shouldn’t happen, period). This phone also didn’t come with earbuds so it seems like Samsung is just getting cheap on consumers.I tried swapping the SIM card with my girlfriend’s S20 and it still didn’t work. All calls were sent directly to voicemail and text messages were very hit or miss. AT&T had no idea, but I’m sure it was out of the hourly employees realm to troubleshoot. I had to switch back to my Huawei Mate 20 Pro. After 10 min or so I got a couple delayed text messages that were sent days ago in response to a text I originally sent from the Note 20 Ultra. SMH…I’m just downright confused at this point. Not sure whether it’s an issue with the device or with the 5G network, or both. You also can’t change which network bands you want to use, ie. turn 5G off. You can only toggle 2G on and off. My buddy has full control with his Note 10+ which is really mind boggling. Either way, both phones have been returned.I’m self-employed and my phone is my lifeline. I don’t have time to play these games or wait for Samsung to release an update. Such a shame because I really wanted to like this phone and I loved the S pen so far. Samsung just has a history of not being able to meet my expectations. The even bigger shame is that I can’t upgrade to better Huawei device…

  2. Capt.Kira

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I got this on launch day and it had a defect where the S pen wasn’t registering in a large circular area on the screen. Amazon sent me a replacement and it had the exact same failure. I’m done with it. I’ve had 2 other notes in the past and loved them, but having this almost $1500 phone fail right out of the box is where my love of the Note ends.IMPORTANT EDIT: I Noticed this same issue occurring with my Note 10+ after I returned this phone (twice). This phenomenon was being caused by a Steelie magnetic mount on the back of the case. So if you are using a magnetic mount or have the phone close to a magnetic field, you will encounter this exact same issue.I have changed the review score to reflect this new information.

  3. Kash

    Purchased new phone, arrived damaged. Deceptively packaged with screen protectors. Pay very close attention to the device you receive.

  4. rafael baron

    very good device but it is also not compatible with metropcs

  5. Aaron Recine

    7/3/21Works as it should. I’ll post a more in depth review as I get used to it.Edit 7/24/21I just updated to MIUI running android 11 and it seems to have made the phone a bit more snappy. The new style upper right side settings / upper left side notifications menus are more responsive as well as the google search / news section.Once an app like instagram or facebook is loaded in the background it recalls it within a second or so. No issues at all with AT&T. I can use the hotspot with my computer and it is very fast.My partner did say the microphone does not sound as good on an instagram video call as my redmi note 8 pro when I get further away from the phone. I remember reading somewhere that this was an issue so we will see if that is fixed with the latest update. It does sound notably better for video though when narrating holding the phone close to me. Much crisper and possibly a compression algorithm. It is better than my Redmi Note 8 Pro all around for video / photos. Much less grain in low light situations. Still not a flagship, but it works great for what I need it for.Overall its a great phone, a little buggy at times but its a cheap flagship clone and with the headphone jack, ir blaster, killer camera and expandable sd storage being must haves for me I’m okay dealing with a few glitches that should be cleared up as Android 12 comes along and Xiaomi releases MIUI updates. I’m one of the few that actually really likes MIUI as I got very used to it on my Redmi Note 8 Pro.I will continue to update this review as major updates with notable performance improvements come along.

  6. JMS

    THIS IS A PERFECT PHONE………………………..DO NOT USE THE CHARGER BASE ONLY THE CORD. Everyone is rating it low because the battery is running fast, but its because its charging super fast and people are ignoring that inkling that says 80% in 20 minutes, that can’t be right. It’s not, do some research fast charging means fast battery depletion, simple. I am using the slow charging base that came with my old mi a2 lite and the phone works exactly how I wanted it to work when I unboxed it. Like a phone with 5000mAh battery. One star rating because like me you go to the negative comments first. Its a 5-star phone.

  7. Elba Pinto

    Todo funcionando exelente, el color me encantó y luce muy bien. Una excelente cámara, audio, muy bueno para jugar videogames, uso el celular todo el dia casi no le doy descanso y la carga le dura todo el día, solo necesito cargarlo 1 vez en el dia.El cargador es europeo pero el vendedor incluyó un adaptador.Hasta el momento todo bien.Me gustó mucho 😍

  8. Cliente Amazon

    Il redmi note 8 ver. 2019 è stato un best buy.Questa versione 2021 con processore Mediatek helio G85 presenta un grosso problema ….La funzione…..solleva per attivare lo schermo è attiva di default.non si riesce a togliere grosso bug di questo processore che è lo stesso del redmi note 9 e che anche in quel tel.si verifica.Sto pensando seriamente ad chiedere il reso…..con questo bug la batteria nn dura un giorno.

  9. ExR

    Dont waste your money if you re at USA not a single carrier will activate Xiaomi phones they say that they re changing antennas and need to be a new phone ,but since this is a march 2021 relase they just continue saying that they cant activate Xiaomi phones,the phone is excellent but shame that you cant activate here at USA.

  10. MaGiruz

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Well I am very surprised by the quality and value of my money of this phone, If you see it in person and feel it it actually seems to be a $900 phone. The charges is European but the provider added a plug in to make available in Americas.I super recommend this phone to anyone. Xiaomi is Killing it with these phones. 🙂

  11. The poor mans guide through the AMAZON

    I love my phone. It is really everything it is described to be. Looks premium and although it doesn’t kill any flagship phones, for the money, it’s one of the best values on the market to date. YouTuber, Mr. Whosetheboss put it in second place for best phone 2021 because of the value. I’d say I agree 💯.

  12. David Ubari

    Appearance and weight:- Not so heavy while using.- looks ok, not breathless design, not bad either.- Display’s glass has some wavesdeformation, while using can’t see it.Inside box:- Mobile- Type c wire, 1 meter length.- Wall plug.- Silicone skin, excellent fit on mobile by the way.- Extraction pin for Sim card slot.Function:- Battery life it’s ok.- Decent pictures.- Android 11 it’s nice.- Previous mobile data/apps/etc transfer was quite easy in fact.- Refresh rate it’s nice.- nice display’s colours.Conclusion: Costs more than a budget average Us$ 200, it’s a mid range cost I believe. I’ll purchase this product.

  13. Salvatore Nauta

    Non sono solo contento, sono entusiasta.Inoltre la risoluzione a 48MP è vera, contrariamente a due cell. che ho comprato su Wish di cui su uno non ho nemmeno ricevuto il rimborso.Amazon e poi più, magari anche qualcosa di Ebay, ma Amazon per me è la migliore in tutti i sensi, anche per gli eventuali resi, e “last but not lest”, la cortesia dei suoi impiegati, oltre al fatto che riesci subito a parlare con un essere umano e non sei obbligato a parlare con un computer che capisce tutto tranne quello che vorresti fargli capire!

  14. Roberto Antonio Acosta


  15. Edgardo Pineda

    The phone is overall better than a picky samsung o iphone, the tf camera is really good, 4k recording is pretty great except for night shots, the battery life is superb, pretty good for the price, the only drawback is its gpu, it’s clearly not a gaming intended phone, it has a good potential for content creation use as recording and photoshooting due to its big tf camera and storage, it has bloatware like samsung but its not intrusive, the fingerprint reader is its lock button so it could be a pain sometimes to unlock it if its greasy, it blocks itself sometimes when you have it in your sweaty pockets because it thinks a unknown finger is trying to unlock the phone, IT HAS A 3.5 MM HEADPHONE JACK AND CHARGER INCLUDED, it may seem unnecessary but its more e-waste if you break your phone using a unknown procedence charger, or even a non compatible charger, than having a compatible and fully useful charger that is made to fullfill the features of that certain phone, overrall, its a bargain and really good offer, a phone cover is included in the box, not so good but nice to have included in the box

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